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  Blue Lodge " Masons -
Making Good Men Better"

The Blue Lodge (also called Masonic Lodge) is where it all begins. This is the starting point for all men who wish to become Masons. The Scottish Rite, York Rite, Shrine, or any other Masonic origination would not exist without the Blue Lodge Masons.


To set aside the biggest misunderstanding, Masonry is not a religion, cult, or satanic worship. The only religious tie is the requirement of the belief in a supreme being or God (referred to as the Great Architect of the Universe).

  A man enters the Masonic family by receiving three degrees at the local Blue Lodge. These degrees teach high moral beliefs:  

"Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth"

    Entering the Masonic family requires receiving these three degrees at a local Blue Lodge.    
  • Entered Apprentice

  • Fellowcraft

  • Master Mason


The degrees represent stages of personal development. No Freemason is told that there is only one meaning to the allegories; as a Freemason works through the degrees and studies their lessons, he interprets them for himself, his personal interpretation being bounded only by the Constitution within which he works. A common symbolic structure and universal archetypes provide a means for each Freemason to come to his own answers to life's important philosophical questions.

There is no degree of Craft Freemasonry higher than that of Master Mason. Although some Masonic bodies and orders have further degrees named with higher numbers, these degrees may be considered to be supplements to the Master Mason degree rather than promotions from it. An example is the Scottish Rite, conferring degrees numbered from 4 up to 33. It is essential to be a Master Mason in order to qualify for these further degrees. They are administered on a parallel system to Craft or Blue Lodge Freemasonry; within each organization there is a system of offices, which confer rank within that degree or order alone.